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I am a Swiss whip cracking artist, trick roper and whip maker.As a full time performer since 2003 , I fell in love with the sport and art of whip cracking in 2009 and  consider myself extremely lucky  to be able to live off  what I love doing . I started to learn whip cracking through videos on the internet and later had the chance to practice and perform with the best in the field including Vince Bruce, Adam Winrich, Angelo Iodice, Pete Gamble... 


In 2011  I discovered a new passion : Whip making. First I started to make whips for myself, as i enjoyed  the fact of being able to create my own whips for my shows.


To start my very  first whip,  Axel Lackmann, a very good German whip maker , kindly offered me his help  with an online tutorial and  through  e mail. Even though the first was all bumpy and very stiff , I was still very proud of it and happy to make it crack. I continued to make whips, and  improved my technique with every whip I made. With time , people have come across my work and  liked it so I started making whips for other people too .

Still , I believe that whipmaking is a skill like many others where you can always learn and improve. I am happy with the whips I make and use them every day in my shows, however I will not pretend I'm making the best whips out there because that would be pretentious of me. There are many whip makers I admire the work of and respect all the years of experience they have in braiding whips and making beautiful art pieces.


Why should you choose Silver Whips?


My whips are quality, handmade whips . I will guarantee  to give every whip I make the best I can. For me, a whip can reflect a lot of the personality of the maker , like a painting. Lots of my whips are unique because of the decorations and bling that  I add. Thanks to my work as a performer  I travel a lot and whenever I see something which would look nice as an addition to one of the whips , I will buy it , but chances are I will buy only one exemplar or two and maybe never come across the same ferrules/bling/end caps  again.


For the decorations of the whips , I will try to do my best to find the ones you like, depending on your taste, if you want a whip with decorations. Without,  is of course totally possible too.



Trying to innovate, making things a little bit different, I like my whips to be special and not the same for everybody. But of course when you do something new, nobody can tell you the things to be careful of because it hasn't been done this way before. My customers are not afraid of having to glue some pearls or strass which may have come off. But that's normal, that's jewellery and everybody has glue at home. The whip will last you. I use mine for the show everyday for one year now and they are still as new as in the beginning (except for a few strass on the knots handles I had to re-glue. Like on any other whip though, that's inevitable , after some time the fall will need to be changed.


However, I also do whips with a normal ferrule or knot and with no jewellery , and if you don't want to glue any jewellery that has come off , than those whips are the right choice for you.



I respect every customer which has trusted me and chosen Silver Whips and I  will do my very best to make the right whip for you. I will put in time, effort, concentration, patience and creativity .Honesty and modesty is my motto , that's why all the whips ordered have a 14 days trial period and should you not be happy with the whip, just return it to me and I will refund you the money. It goes without saying that I expect them in the same condition as you received them in.



When you buy a whip  you are paying for the material cost of the nylon, metal, sinew, leather etc... But you are also paying the work hours spent making your whip. To make a whip it takes me minimum 10-12 hours.

Braiding whips is hard on the fingers because the nylon paracord has to be braided very tightly. I will aways sell whips which I am satisfied with and it has happened before that I took apart all of the overlay to change something on the whip because I wasn't fully happy with it. So if you think a whip is expensive , now you understand a bit more the work hidden behind the process of making a good functional whip.



If you are interested in owning a Silver Whip (or two :-) ) then just go ahead , send me a mail and I'll be happy to discuss with you  the choice of colours, style, lenght etc... all the elements which will make YOUR whip special.



Here are some of the professionals and performers who have already chosen Silver Whips:


Annika Hakala


Franz Renz Jr

Hannah Elizabeth

Janna Pavlenko

Jonas Witt


Patrick Gruss Bouglione

La Dame de Feu



From time to time, I will have some whips in stock to sell, so keep an eye on the  Silver Whips facebook page.


Thank you for being there and reading me!


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