This is the page where I share with you some  links to very interesting webites :-) . It can be friends , people i like the work, whipmakers, whipcrackers, performers etc... basically people who  I  think deserve some more publicity and that I am happy to have here!

Bobbi from Holyoak Whips makes absolutely beautiful nylon whips. She is specialised in Tibetan Wave and Sonic Alignment whips. She also makes a very nice variant of the performance hybrid style whips but with a copper or stainless steel handle.

Oh, and did I mention she is a very kind person? :-) Her website is also very complete , nice to go through and read the different sections. Worth a visit!

If you need an entertainer in the UK , Pete Gamble is the man! 

He has a big variety of skills and tricks to make you have an amazing time. From whipcracking, to knife throwing, lock picking, trick roping , wild west shows, pirates shows, workshops etc...He will be a joy for young and old alike. He is also an excellent whipcracking teacher. But, most of all he is a very good friend of mine and a great person to be around. A one of a kind person!

Based in Japan , Reina Hayashi is a fine whipmaker! Her whips made out of leather are true jewels! With decorations on the handle, katana style handle, tiger , zebra style or just plain colour the choise is there and i warn you the choice is very difficult because they are all as beautiful as the others. She makes little mini whips as well wich are very cute! Her website is in jananese and not only have whips on it but necklaces , clothes and other interesting stuff.

Doc Whip is a very skilled French whipmaker.He specialise in leather whips and the  whips he make are not only superb , they also handle very smoothly and are great whips! He was kind enough to teach me the basics of whipmaking with leather so that i can expend my whipmaking knowledge. Besides being a whipmaker , he is also a doctor and runs a blog about whipmaking and whipcracking in France and also other interesting subjects.

Paul Nolan from Midwest Whips is specialised is kangaroo leather whips . His whips have been appreciated and used by the best and in many film productions like Prince of Persia, Inglorious Bastards etc.... I'm not an owner of a Paul Nolan's leather whip but i got my very first pair of nylon whips (performance hybrid) from Midwest Whips and i loved them. On his website you'll find ofnot only a variety of beautiful whips but also tips of maintenance, whipmaking supply, usefull informations etc...

Robert Dante is a bullwhip artist four times Guiness World Record Holder , author of a very good instructional whipcracking book, and whipcracking teacher. On his website you'll find helpfull videos  of whipcracking and whipcracking performances, a complete index with all the whipmakers, links and whipcrackers in the world , and much more. Also you can subscribe to the newsletter and receive all the whipcracking news directly in your mailbox!

The French whiprcracking and whipmaking forum. All in French , this forum is a good place to meet and share ideas, pictures, videos with a bunch of very cool people , who share as well that passion for whipcracking and whipmaking .

Le forum francais du fouet artistique et sportif. Un forum sympa avec pleins de photos , partage d'idées, videos , et discussion intéressantes avec d'autres passionés du fouet artistique.